It is CiteShare's chief goal to help students successfully complete assignments-saving them valuable time while giving them an edge in the classroom. CiteShare is focused on facilitating the sharing of academic ideas in order to allow users to quickly formulate, structure and communicate novel points of view more effectively. We believe that the best way to share academic information and give rise to new ideas is through sharing citations. The purpose of citation sharing is to simplify the writing process and help students ultimately craft interesting and compelling arguments.


About 67% of freshmen live on campus and are therefore in close proximity to fellow students. While that percentage decreases as students advance closer to graduation, commuter students still live close to their schools and are constantly interacting with their peers. In essence, most college students live very close to one another which bodes well for our growth strategy. The 18-23 age group creates the second most "word-of-mouth" content, behind only the teen 13-17 age group.

College students are also in the interesting position in which they can start earning money but still depend on their parents for money as well. We can easily count a family's entire buying power as that of a single student's. Because CiteShare would be an expense in the name of education, college students can easily get parents to pay for subscriptions.


In an industry where 30 million educators purchase EdTech products, CiteShare can service these teachers in "Classroom Management". Professors can track the activity of students under the "Student Analytics" category. We plan on leveraging our writing app so that it tracks how students write.

We believe professors will pay for access to data that reveals essay writing patterns. Professorcould then leverage that information to guide the development of their students writing. Just like in the “Content Provider" category, CiteShare faces almost no competition in student-centric analytics in higher education, as most of those companies instead focus on K-12 schools.


"Start independent research where the last researcher left off. Why recreate the wheel?" Undergrads spend too much time in the paper writing process. In our survey, we found that 47% of students spend 3-5 hours writing their paper. 60% of the time is spent on inil research. Their biggest concerns include:

  • Finding good quotations
  • Creating an interesting thesis
  • Structuring the paper

Frustrated was the #1 word used to describe the pain point. We want to help frustrated students all over the world, by utilizing our quotation sharing method to help students research quicker, write better and raise their grades.

Autasia Ramos, Iona College Student

"I actually got an A on my paper with the help of CiteShare's Team of Ivy League Journalists. They helped me create a great custom outline for my assignment and I couldn't be happier."

Christian Cruz, Columbia College Student

"CiteShare's team gave me great analysis on my paper topic to help me with one of my hardest English classes. They helped me create a great outline in my attempt to raise my GPA."

Serdal Jasmin, Iona College Student

"With the help of CiteShare, I was able to create a clear outline that enabled me to write my paper in two hours rather than two days. I usually get D- or C+ on my papers, but with CiteShare help, I was able to get an A-"

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